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Half Moon Bay Event on April 22nd ~ Exquisite Sound Healing Yoga Class ~ Anna Enea and Daniel Goldberg


Yoga/sound healing class at the Train Depot 6- 7:30 pm  Monday April 22nd

The sounds and vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and chimes guide us into a deep meditation. The healing vibrations pass through our body, opening blockages and allowing our minds to quiet.  Through the vibrations of these instruments we experience an inner calm and deep relaxation that enables us to journey within and center.  The healing sounds coupled with the ancient practice of yoga will transport you to a deep place of peace and tranquility as you release  old behavior patterns and blockages in the body and mind.     http://www.choosetotalwellness.org               http://www.dannygoldberg.org

Russell Walder Concert at Tara Sanctuary in New Zealand

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The Russell Walder Concert at Tara Sanctuary

The one event that occurred during my stay was an incredible concert held in the Tara Sanctuary. The musician was Grammy nominee, Russell Walder, master oboist.
The evening started off in the Mana dining room with a wonderful home cooked vegetarian meal. There were about 60 people who shared dinner and then took the trek up the mountain to the sanctuary. Once you entered the arch into the courtyard of Tara Sanctuary, there was a beautiful trail of colorful flowers leading into the sanctuary.


The whole sanctuary floor was covered with lovely whole flowers and petals of all colors. There were over eighty tea candles around the black granite centre of the floor, where Russell would perform. We were all waiting outside until we were invited in and greeted by Russell and Shanti. There were both chairs and cushions set up for us to sit on. There was a large shallow bowl of water filled with more flowers to refresh our hands in if we wished. It was an absolutely perfect set-up for a concert that would transport us to a state of consciousness that was pure peace and joy.CIMG1726

Russell started off by sharing a story with us how he had set an intention to produce music that would awaken consciousness. Soon after he met cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton (author of Biology of Belief) in East West grocery store, fighting (not really) over a jar of peanut butter. It was that meeting which lead to the creation of the album, Music for a Shift in Consciousness. Russell explained that his first song was designed for all of us to set our own intention. He instructed us to stand up and hold hands, we formed a large circle. I was especially fortunate to be standing next to the only child in the room who was attending the concert with her father.CIMG1727

She was only about 3 years old, beautiful red hair and bright blue eyes. Her hand felt so delicate and small. Her energy was pure enthusiasm. We set our intention as we held hands. After that he played one song after another and told us it was ok to move our bodies anyway we wanted, to dance or sit in stillness. The concert itself felt like a healing and an invitation to pure bliss!
It started at 7:30 pm while it was still light outside, a beautiful New Zealand summer evening. As the concert progressed it became twilight and then pure darkness, the ring of tea candles surrounding the space for Russell to play in soon became luminous and encircled Russell with a soft glow as he played with heart and soul fully engaged.

After it ended we journeyed down the mountain by the full moon for a yummy dessert in the Mana dinning room.

Here is what Bruce Lipton says about his endeavor with Russell Walder and his view as a cellular biologist on what music can do for us.
Why does music affect us so deeply? According to Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, it’s because we don’t just listen with our ears: we listen with every cell in our bodies.
“Chronic stress derived from today’s high-pressure lifestyle is linked to almost every major illness people acquire,” explains Dr. Lipton. “I believe Russel’s soundtrack can induce an inner journey of transformation that can restore health, enhance creativity, and reignite your passion for life.”
I am now off to Waiheke Island, look for what I discover there in my next blog!